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abuse_club's Journal

Rip Me To Shreds... please?
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"Self improvement is masturbation, self destruction just might be the answer"

Livejournal is so fucking packed full of communities to give each other e-handjobs.
Cute layouts? fuck off. Getting your journal "reviewed"? what the fuck is that about?

Nobody is mean to each other any more, and when they are the fucking journal gets suspended. This is why this community was created, a post here is an open invitation to have you and your journal ripped to shreds by those who really don't care about you or your kewl layout.

Posting in here, whether it be an entry or a comment and you are volunteering yourself for libelous comments, aswell as further posts in this community about how truely lame you are.
Because we all know you are.

The only rule is that all ripping on people must take place here, not in personal journals. If it stays here it is explicitly invited and thus cannot be touched on by ever watchful abuse teams.

If for some reason you want out of the flaming you can quit by adding an "I'm out" post. After which all abuse must end.

done? done.