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Rip Me To Shreds... please?'s Journal

Thursday, February 10, 2005


You guys havnt posted in here in almost a entire year.

Current mood: bored

Monday, May 24, 2004


this community is a great idea, but nobody has posted in it for some time now. did you guys get bored of it, or do ya'll lack the since of humor and creativity to get enjoyment out of this?

Thursday, February 19, 2004

2:46AM - Hurt me; it feels like medicine.

If you don't insult my journal and I you'll go to Hell.

Kick my ass, you cockgoblins.

Friday, November 8, 2002


Give me your worst.

Friday, October 25, 2002


Geez, you people suck at this.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

11:32PM - Read this and weep.

Read this post of mine in fetishphotos: it might lead to a flame or two.

Monday, September 30, 2002


ok. tell me what you think..


Let's see what kinda sweet stuff you can come up with.


Well, I've written a love letter for you all:

You pustulating boils of resentment. You festering cum bubbles encrusted upon a malodorous scrotum. You gob-kissing gleeking flap-mouthed coxcombs. You yeast infected cunts. You glistening speckles of smegma wallowing on a poodles swaying balls.

For primavera I better do a simpler letter: you cunt.

*whipes tear from eye* Well…I hope you appreciate the emotion I put into this.

11:20AM - You're All Lame

Seriously, is this the best kind of abuse you children can come up with? I'm disgusted! What are you, all middle-aged bald men that sit on the computer all day laughing at how lame Star Trek fanscripts are? The "insults" you give out are at pre-school level. I bet you've never even been in a real fight, let alone seen a member of the opposite sex naked.

You all need to stop playing Dungeon Master or whatever the hell you do in your parents basement, and live the real world. I hear more insulting things when I just walk down the street. But, I certainly don't see anything quite as insulting as the facial growth on this. I thought old men could grow beards with some success. Maybe this guy never hit puberty, who knows. It does look like he just stuck barber-shop floor cuttings to his chin.

This guy seems to have some kind of camp 80s thing going on. And what's with that tie? Trying to draw attention away from his hair? But what's worse, this guy looks French.

I could go on, and say how much of an idiot you all are, but I don't have the time for such low lives.

I'm above all this, and I'm certainly above you. If you were on fire, I wouldn't even consume loads of laxatives and shit on you. After all, it wouldn't make any difference - you already stink like shit.


fuck me over hard.

Sunday, September 29, 2002


Give it to me

Current mood: bored



Current mood: bored


My journal is open to being raped, pillaged, and generally massacred.

That is, whenever you're ready.


4:49PM - I'm posting this now so I can rip other people later.

What the fuck is up with posting pictures of yourself in your journal? Would you stick pictures in your diary? No. It's just a fucking plug to get some dumbass ugly american kids to tell you how pretty you are while they laugh at you behind their screens.

Chants of "hypocrite" are not only welcome, but the purpose of this post.

Why is it that I tailor every post for comments? Because I'm sad and lonely. I keep referring to my talent because I have none, and I desperately want people to tell me otherwise. I am arrogant, self obsessed and childlike in my opinions, which are massively and deludedly underinformed.
My journal is crap. I barely get *by* in html.

Please, tell me how much of a cock I am before I get a bigger head than I have already.


oh come on...

This place has been alive for no more than 6 hours an already people are holding back.
what the hell is wrong with you?

primavera posted earlier with a sorry excuse for an abuse invitation and the best only response was "slut".
what? can't you find something about her to make fun of? are you shy? have you broken your fingers and cannot type?
I mean... this is a 28 year old woman and she's just admitted that the last time she had sex was month after she turned 22... takers? anyone? for christ's sake people, this woman is an abuse goldmine and you're holding your tongues.

You all suck.

Now dougs, this may seem harder, but only barely.
Look at the beard, read the user info, for gods sake LOOK!!!
This man wants to argue with you, what on earth is holding you back?

I'm going to work now and when I come back I expect this place filled with the most horrid filth ever to grace the internet.
and if you are stuck just rip on me... I can take it.

9:23AM - Announcing myself

Read it there, abuse it here. Not the layout but the content.


Hello, I'm bored and I crave attention.


I'm the only person in this community, I guess I'll have to flame myself.

me: dude, that's just a blatant Fight Club rip off, why don't you try being origional?

me: are you really that dumb? the whole community is a Fight Club Parody.

me: that is so fucking lame, can't you get your own ideas?
Fight Club was a fantastic film and by doing this you are just making yourself look like a fucking idiot.
you are not talented, you are not funny, now drop this dumb community before you do something more dumb.
Nobody's gonna join anyway.

me: Shut the fuck up!
I don't care if people join this community, I made it for fun not to gain more friends. Now *thats* fucking lame.
Why are you flaming me anyway? are you that fucking lonely? have you got nothing better to do with your time?
I don't think parodying Fight Club is bad at all, it is a loose connection after all and the film did actually have some good ideas in it.

me:I don't care if people join this community
yeah fucking right, why are you writing a post to communty_promo then?

I made it for fun not to gain more friends
now that's a fucking lie... you are fucking pathetic and you prectically admitted it yourself.

Why are you flaming me anyway? are you that fucking lonely? have you got nothing better to do with your time?
1) it's amusing
2) I have a girlfriend, which is more than you can say you ugly bastard.
3) yes I could go to bed, but you are so pathetic I figure you are worth staying up for.

me: I'm pathetic? you're the one writing to yourself!