- (assythment) wrote in abuse_club,

I'm posting this now so I can rip other people later.

What the fuck is up with posting pictures of yourself in your journal? Would you stick pictures in your diary? No. It's just a fucking plug to get some dumbass ugly american kids to tell you how pretty you are while they laugh at you behind their screens.

Chants of "hypocrite" are not only welcome, but the purpose of this post.

Why is it that I tailor every post for comments? Because I'm sad and lonely. I keep referring to my talent because I have none, and I desperately want people to tell me otherwise. I am arrogant, self obsessed and childlike in my opinions, which are massively and deludedly underinformed.
My journal is crap. I barely get *by* in html.

Please, tell me how much of a cock I am before I get a bigger head than I have already.
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