Scott Freeman (scottfreeman) wrote in abuse_club,
Scott Freeman

You're All Lame

Seriously, is this the best kind of abuse you children can come up with? I'm disgusted! What are you, all middle-aged bald men that sit on the computer all day laughing at how lame Star Trek fanscripts are? The "insults" you give out are at pre-school level. I bet you've never even been in a real fight, let alone seen a member of the opposite sex naked.

You all need to stop playing Dungeon Master or whatever the hell you do in your parents basement, and live the real world. I hear more insulting things when I just walk down the street. But, I certainly don't see anything quite as insulting as the facial growth on this. I thought old men could grow beards with some success. Maybe this guy never hit puberty, who knows. It does look like he just stuck barber-shop floor cuttings to his chin.

This guy seems to have some kind of camp 80s thing going on. And what's with that tie? Trying to draw attention away from his hair? But what's worse, this guy looks French.

I could go on, and say how much of an idiot you all are, but I don't have the time for such low lives.

I'm above all this, and I'm certainly above you. If you were on fire, I wouldn't even consume loads of laxatives and shit on you. After all, it wouldn't make any difference - you already stink like shit.
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